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Antrobus, Laverne (2019) Laverne Antrobus on 5 News Tonight. How you can save the planet. 16 August 2019, Channel 5 [Starts at 0:43 with interview at 4:04]. [Film/Video]

Antrobus, Laverne (2017) Laverne Antrobus on Channel 5 News. How to talk to children about events such as the Manchester Arena bombing. 26 May 2017, [Starts at 0:35, Main interview at 2:24]. [Film/Video]

Antrobus, Laverne (2020) Laverne Antrobus on ITV News. Discussion on the psychological aspects of returning to the classroom in the midst of the Coronavirus crisis. 28 May 2020, ITV [Starts at approximately 10:39]. [Film/Video]

Antrobus, Laverne (2020) Laverne Antrobus on ITV News. How parents can deal with 'enormous' impact of the coronavirus crisis on children. 16 July 2020, ITV [Starts at approximately 07:47]. [Film/Video]

Antrobus, Laverne (2020) Laverne Antrobus on Newsround. Coronavirus: Advice if you're worried about it. 19 May 2020, BBC. [Film/Video]

Antrobus, Laverne (2021) Laverne Antrobus on Steph's Packed Lunch. How parents can talk to children in the light of a sudden lockdown. 05 January 2021. Channel 4 [Starts at approximately 1:08:27]. [Film/Video]

Antrobus, Laverne (2020) Laverne Antrobus on Woman's Hour. Advice on how we can best deal with the coronavirus lockdown. 13 March 2020, BBC Radio 4 [Feature starts at 03:14 with interview at approximately 09:44]. [Audio]

Antrobus, Laverne (2020) Laverne Antrobus on Woman's Hour. Dealing with family disappointment this Christmas. 21 December 2020, BBC Radio 4 [Starts at 4:10]. [Audio]

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Blumenthal, Stephen (2021) It is time to dispel the myths and metaphors around Covid and learn to live with it. The Telegraph . ISSN 0307-1235

Blumenthal, Stephen (2021) The pandemic has been tough on everyone – but we can grow from adversity: To overcome trauma we need good social support and to confront our difficulties head on. The Telegraoh . ISSN 0307-1235

Blumenthal, Stephen, Bhattacharya, Ashok and Bhattacharya, Emily (2021) First name basis with Dr. Stephen Blumenthal. [Film/Video]

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Cardona, Francesca, Neal, Ben, Vesey, Robyn and Roberts, Vega Zagier (2020) The relevance of the Tavistock model of consulting in the context of a crisis. Part 1 of 2 webinars. [Film/Video]

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Helps, Sarah (2020) Doing remote systemic psychotherapy during a pandemic – learning from a speedy Quality Improvement Project. Pandemic as Systemic Flux – The Writing Project . Full text available

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Kent, Tim, Rosenthall, Joanna and Hertzmann, Leezah (2021) The Porcupine's dilemma: Couples and space during the lockdown. [Film/Video]

Kuzuhara, Felipe Massao (2019) Raluca Soreanu, Working-Through Collective Wounds: Trauma, Denial, Recognition in the Brazilian Uprising. Psychoanalysis and History, 21 (3). pp. 381-383. ISSN Print: 1460-8235 ; Online: 1755-201x


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Music, Graham and Waterfall, Alice (2020) Confer - The Coronavirus Series - Interview with Dr Graham Music and Alice Waterfall. 09 April 2020, YouTube. [Film/Video]


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Pendlebury, Gabrielle (2019) Managing disruptive family members. Practice Management, 29 (7). ISSN 1479-2818

Pendlebury, Gabrielle (2020) Preparing to go to a Coroner’s court. Independent Practitioner Today . Full text available

Pendlebury, Gabrielle (2020) When called to a Coroner’s court. Independent Practitioner Today . Full text available


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Szaniecki, Eduardo and Totsuka, Yoko (2020) Community CAMHS Covid-19 webinar. [Film/Video]


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Yakeley, Jessica (2021) Treatment for perpetrators of intimate partner violence: What is the evidence? Journal of Clinical Psychology . ISSN 0021-9762 (print), 1097-4679 (online)

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