Learning remote lessons in the year of lockdown

Goddard, Danny (2021) Learning remote lessons in the year of lockdown. Context (178). pp. 28-31. ISSN 0969-1936

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At the time of writing this we are all beginning to emerge from the second national lockdown. I have been discussing this with a friend and realising, in true systemic fashion, a lot more about my position by hearing his. He spoke very certainly that the period of COVID-19 could only be advantageous in its ending. I felt differently; that there may be parts I would miss and that I had valued. As I have worked as a newly-qualified family therapist through this lockdown, often remotely, Burnham's (2017) work around 'problems – possibilities, resources – restraints' often came to mind: strongly defined problems could be seen as possibilities, and restraints seen as resources. Moving so suddenly to remote working with no prior training or experience seemed beset only with problems. In this article, I will examine dilemmas and difficulties that I experienced during the lockdown and in remote working as well as the opportunities and resources that have grown from them.

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