Explaining autism. Ten reasons to focus on the developing self

Hobson, R Peter (2010) Explaining autism. Ten reasons to focus on the developing self. Autism, 14 (5). pp. 391-407. ISSN Print: 1362-3613; Online: 1461-7005

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My aim in this paper is to present reasons for adopting a focus on the development of self/other-awareness when characterizing the developmental psychopathology of autism. The strengths of such a position include an emphasis on children’s emotional relations with embodied persons as foundational for their growing understanding of minds. I give special attention to the process of identifying with the attitudes of others, and experience of other-person-centred emotions, for the development of communication and thinking. The study of limitations in these aspects of self-other relatedness among individuals with autism is pivotal for understanding the pathogenesis of the syndrome.

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