'Thinking together' - a grass-roots project addressing an analogous experience of training issues in CAMHS and Paediatrics

Conn, Rory and Bulwer, Chloe E (2017) 'Thinking together' - a grass-roots project addressing an analogous experience of training issues in CAMHS and Paediatrics. BJPsych, 210 (2). ISSN 0007-1250 (Print), 1472-1465 (Online)

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Fisher and Teodorczuk highlight significant concerns in the care of the elderly population: that geriatricians are not suitably trained in mental health treatment and old age psychiatrists are similarly underprepared to recognise and manage physical health problems. They identify the unhelpful splits between services which should work hand in hand, as well as being trained side-by-side. The problem is a familiar one for those of us working at the other end of the age spectrum. With the precipitous rise in mental health problems in those under 18, paediatricians are increasingly presented with problems in which they feel they lack expertise, particularly risk management in crisis admissions with self-harm or overdose. Equally, CAMHS trainees tend to deskill rapidly and lose confidence with regards physical health issues (even those as basic as physical examinations, reading ECGs and interpreting blood tests). Both sets of trainees have a number of mandatory curricular competencies which can be difficult to come by in day-to-day practice, especially as services come under increasing strain. Just as in the elderly population, specific local services may be delivered by one specialty or another, but there is little consistency on whom leads (for example ADHD or ASD services). To solve this worsening problem, a small group of trainees from London devised a 6 month pilot scheme to link trainees from each specialty - we called this the "Thinking Together" project. The simple and cost-neutral concept was to forge links between the specialties at a trainee level, by allowing attendance and participation in each other's outpatient clinics. We hoped to foster a novel, joint way of learning and working together.

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