Transformation: Jung's legacy and clinical work today

Cavalli, Alessandra, Hawkins, Lucinda and Stevns, Martha (2013) Transformation: Jung's legacy and clinical work today. Karnac, London. ISBN 9781780491608

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The book offers a challenging reading of the legacy of C.G. Jung, who offered fascinating insights into the psyche but did not provide a theoretical framework for clinical work. Thus, clinicians are faced with both the richness and lacunae of Jung’s legacy and how to work with it. This challenge is taken up by distinguished post-Jungian thinkers from Britain, Europe and the US who, in fertile contact with psychoanalysis, reassess Jung’s work and propose new tools for clinical practice. By looking anew at concepts such as maternal containment, affect, ego formation and ego strength, infantile loss, envy and friendship they find ways of working that integrate Jung’s thought with Post-Jungian developments and a psychoanalytic approach. By bringing together contemporary clinicians who approach their work from the lived experience in the consulting room, rather than adherence to particular theories, the book is intended for clinicians of different schools who are interested in a deeper understanding of the relationship between patient and analyst and in integrating ideas that might be useful. Transformation will be essential reading for all those interested in exploring various approaches to clinical work and the application of Jung’s ideas, including experienced clinicians in work with adults and children as well as students of psychotherapy and counselling.

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