Clinical management of gender dysphoria in adolescents

Di Ceglie, Domenico (2015) Clinical management of gender dysphoria in adolescents. In: Management of gender dysphoria: A multidisciplinary approach. Springer, London, pp. 61-72. ISBN 9788847056954

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The chapter describes the clinical management of gender dysphoria in adolescents as offered by the Gender Identity Development Service at the Tavistock Centre in London. It provides a description of the presentations of gender dysphoria in adolescents, the associated psychosocial difficulties and a brief summary of the current explanatory models. It introduces the concept of ‘atypical gender identity organisation’ and its relevance to management. The clinical management and therapy described are based on a staged approach in line with the Standards of Care by the World Professional Association for Transgender Health. The chapter highlights an approach which integrates psychological, social and physical interventions within a multidisciplinary and well-integrated team. The current eligibility criteria for early pubertal suppression adopted by the service are described. The chapter concludes that the management of gender dysphoria is in continuous evolution and that new models of care will be developed as clinical and research evidence progresses. Clinical vignettes are used to illustrate the approach to management described.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Patient Satisfaction, Psychology, Sex Reassignment Surgery, Surgery
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