Clinical uncertainty in primary care: The challenge of collaborative engagement

Siegel Sommers, Lucia and Launer, John (2014) Clinical uncertainty in primary care: The challenge of collaborative engagement. Springer, New York. ISBN 9781461468127

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This is a book about primary care clinicians and the clinical uncertainty endemic to their work. Even when seemingly straightforward, each patient raises unique questions regarding how best to listen to their complaints, empathize with their suffering, or respond to their silences. This book is also about addressing uncertainty in primary care practice and engaging it. Engagement requires knowledge, explicit and tacit, placed in the service of a single patient’s problem. It also requires carefully managed communication, facilitating dialogue with the patient and encouraging shared problem-solving. Most importantly, this book is about collaborative engagement with case-based uncertainty in the setting of small groups of clinicians. Sommers and Launer contend that the medical profession’s tradition of working independently should be augmented with an explicitly shared, collegial one of jointly creating wisdom through practice-based learning.

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