The apprehension of beauty: The role of aesthetic conflict in development, art and violence

Meltzer, Donald and Williams, Meg Harris (2008) The apprehension of beauty: The role of aesthetic conflict in development, art and violence. The Harris Meltzer Trust . Karnac, London. ISBN 781855756243

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Celebrating the twentieth anniversary of its first publication, the re-issue of this book which has become among the most significant and classic contributions to post-Kleinian thought and learning, is surely a welcome and much anticipated event. Aesthetics, beauty, and the aesthetic conflict, have been the building blocks of psychoanalysis, a revised developmental scheme of 'love-at-firstsight' mother-child relationship with its consequent good internal object formation, and the critical reading of literature and poetry. This book represents the gems of thought and discovery in the works of Meg Harris Williams and Donald Meltzer. --Gilead Nachmani, Psychoanalyst, William Alanson White Institute, New York. 'The Apprehension of Beauty' comprises in a nutshell the Meltzerian innovations in psychoanalytic thought, in particular his application of Bion's theory of the apprehension aroused by the 'new idea' as pointing specifically to the 'mystery' at the nucleus of the 'aesthetic conflict'. The book, assembled by two pairs of hands, reviews various aspects of the aesthetic conflict, alternating clinical essays and those of literary criticism, serving to demonstrate how the process set in motion in analysis and in the coming to fruition of an art work are essentially one. --Sandra Gosso, Specialist in Psychology of Art, Researcher at the Department of Philosophy, University of Pisa

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