La transferencia perversa y la vinculación maligna [Perverse transference and malignant bonding]

Welldon, Estela (2011) La transferencia perversa y la vinculación maligna [Perverse transference and malignant bonding]. Revista Chilena de Psicoanálisis, 28 (2). pp. 8-17. ISSN 0716-3649 (Print)

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The concept malignant bonding describes a relationship of a perverse couple whose relationships continues to bond at the expense of sadistic and sexual acts perpetrated together against vulnerable and dependent persons, such as their own children or other immature individuals who fall under their control and dominancy. Technology has afforded most sophisticated means to do so; from only recording the voices of those innocent children as in the 60s to the making of home videos and downloading different images from the internet are now easily available. It is difficult to disentangle the possible meaning of this perverse recording—is it another kind of remembering? Or is it a form of malignant bonding between past and present experience? Not only there are notorious cases from the media such as Myra Hindley and Ian Brady, called The Moor murderers in the 60s in the UK and later on the West Family. These are examples of both extra family and interfamily malignant bonding but I have also been able to corroborate these in my own clinical findings, which I have termed the concept of "the malignant bonding". This couple these two different persons, have felt, as from the moment of their first meeting, in almost automatic pilot mode, very close and united together not knowing exactly why. However, this great sense of wonder starts fading away when the union is to be in some way "contrived" or coercive from within. Now, the taboo elements is no longer present and the sense of excitement is gone. What happens next? The purusing of the transgressing has become the compelling element and as such the using and exploiting, including sexual abuse of children may start. There is an irrepressible need to continue succumbing to these transgressive actions because, just like in pornography, it makes them feel alive. They feel really dead inside themselves and their own way to make sure they are still alive is by exerting this enormous sense of power and control over their children. This power has an added element of libidinizing the interaction between the couple. This can be initiated and even stimulated not only by the man but also by the woman in the couple. We are longer talking of who is the victim of perpetrator within the couple. They have both become partners with equal participation in the designing and the execution of their actions against their own severe very early traumatic experiences.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Perverse Transference, Malignant Bonding, Sexual Acts, Pornography.
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