Bion's dream. A reading of the autobiographies

Williams, Meg Harris (2010) Bion's dream. A reading of the autobiographies. Karnac, London. ISBN 9781855758902

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'This book offers a definitive reading of Bion's remarkable autobiographical writings from a perspective embedded in the poetry of the ages, that of the Romantics in particular. It is at once learned and, utterly freshly, able to explore the inside story of Bion's life and mind. The volume is a distillation and elaboration of the work of many years. Whilst ostensibly an extended commentary on the autobiographical works themselves, it is also, in its own right, a tour de force, engaging, as it does, with the heart of the matter: with the development of a psychoanalyst, of a life, a self, a mind, thoroughly inward with the "dark and sombre world of thought".' - Margot Waddell, psychoanalyst and consultant child psychotherapist, Tavistock Clinic

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