Engaging with complexity. Child and adolescent mental health and education

Harris, Rita, Rendall, Sue and Nashat, Sadegh (2011) Engaging with complexity. Child and adolescent mental health and education. Tavistock Clinic Series . Karnac, London. ISBN 9781780490038

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Children and young people spend a great deal of their time in schools and other education settings. Consequently those working in such contexts have a huge impact and influence on the development, experiences and thinking of the children and young people with whom they interact. This book represents the richness and variety of ideas shared by some of the contributors to the first European Conference on Child and Adolescent Mental Health in Education Settings, held in Paris in 2005 and hosted by the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust. The intention of the event was to gather together child mental health and educational professionals from across Europe to share innovative practice. The success and impact of this conference was such that it became the first of what is now a bi-annual series of events each taking place in a different European city. Description: ‘These are narratives of courage from the educational "coalface" in a variety of European settings. The reader is engaged by observations of children, some of whom have been subject to unbearable loss and terror. There are no quick fixes here. This is careful work based on psychoanalytical and systemic principles. Through understanding past and present relationships staff and pupils are able to make sense of otherwise futile or destructive obstacles to learning.’ - Sebastian Kraemer

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