Parent-infant interaction. A growth model approach

Barnes, Jacqueline, Leach, Penelope, Stein, Alan, Malmberg, Lars-Erik, West, Andrew, Lewis, Simon and Sylva, Kathy (2007) Parent-infant interaction. A growth model approach. Infant Behavior and Development, 30 (4). pp. 615-630. ISSN 0163-6383

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The aim of this study is to compare the interaction of fathers and mothers with their 10–12 months old infants (n = 97; parental sensitivity and mood, and infant mood) during five structured contiguous play segments, and to examine the utility of individual growth modeling. Conventional comparison of means across play-segments showed that parents were equally responsive, but mothers were happier than fathers, and infants were equally happy during interaction with both parents. Sensitivity and mood were more strongly related for mothers than for fathers. Uni- and multivariate growth models revealed fine-grained patterns not seen in conventional analysis: (a) parental and infant mood decreased across play more for mothers than for fathers, (b) parental sensitivity in one play-segment predicted parental mood and infant mood in the next segment, (c) change in infants’ mood was related to change in sensitivity in mothers, and to change in mood in fathers, and (d) mothers’ sensitive interaction with the infant was predicted by family socio-demographic background.

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Additional Information: Article Outline 1. Parental sensitivity and infant development 2. Fathers and mothers as parents 3. Measures and methods 4. Research questions 5. Sample 6. Procedure 7. Measures 8. Methods 8.1. Multivariate individual growth models 9. Results 9.1. Comparison of average scores 10. Differences in change across play segments 10.1. Parental sensitivity 10.2. Parental mood 10.3. Infant mood 11. Who influences whom? 12. Change in parental sensitivity and mood, and change in infant mood, during play 12.1. Father–infant play 13. Mother–infant play 14. Discussion 15. Father–infant and mother–infant play on average, and across play segments 16. Change across play segments and directionality 16.1. Change-to-change 17. Family sociodemographic features 18. On methodology 19. Limitations of the study, and future perspectives 20. Conclusions Acknowledgements Appendix A. Appendix References Fig. 1. Parental sensitivity, parental mood, and infant mood across parents across play-segments for fathers and mothers (estimated values). Note: (●) parent sensitivity, (■) parent mood, () infant mood. View Within Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: Sensitivity, Mood, Parent–Infant Interaction, Multilevel Model
Subjects: Families > Parent Child Relations/Parenthood
Children, Young People and Developmental Pyschology > Child Development
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