Finding a way to the child: Selected clinical papers 1983-2021; edited by Kate Stratton and Simon Cregeen

Rustin, Margaret (2023) Finding a way to the child: Selected clinical papers 1983-2021; edited by Kate Stratton and Simon Cregeen. The New Library of Psychoanalysis . Routledge, London. ISBN 9781003325543

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Margaret Rustin’s writing is characterised not only by its subject matter, which is diverse, but by her imaginative sensitivity to the emotional lives of children and young people, the depth of her understanding, and her original insights into the complexities of child and adolescent psychotherapy.  Here a selection of her work, edited by Kate Stratton and Simon Cregeen, is brought together in a collection which focuses mainly on clinical issues and concerns: the dynamics of the interaction between patient and therapist in the consulting room; the task of assessment; the particular needs of children and young people whose early development has been distorted by trauma, loss or neglect; and the framework and skills required for effective psychoanalytic work with parents. Illustrated by vivid narratives detailing the strains and possibilities of the therapeutic encounter, this book is a record of clinical work and thinking over 50 years of psychoanalytic practice.  It will prove essential reading for psychoanalysts and child analysts, child psychotherapists, all those training as mental health professionals in work with children and parents, and anyone with an interest in deepening their understanding of the emotional lives of children and young people.

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Additional Information: Introduction Part One : The Scope of Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy 1. Finding out where and who one is: the special complexity of migration for adolescents (2013) 2. Identity themes in psychotherapy with an adopted mixed race adolescent (1989) 3. Rigidity and stability in a psychotic young adolescent: some thoughts about obstacles to facing reality in psychotherapy (1997) Part Two : Assessment in Child Psychotherapy 1. A child psychotherapist's approach to assessment: an introductory outline (2000) 2. Finding a way to the child (1982) 3. What follows family breakdown: assessing children who have experienced deprivation, trauma, and multiple loss (1993) 4. Assessing children and families: developments in a paradign (1995) Part Three : The Particular Needs of Young People Growing Up in Foster or Adoptive Homes 1. Multiple families in mind (1999) 2. Conceptual analysis of critical moments in the life of Victoria Climbié: a response to the Laming Report (2003) 3. Psychoanalytic work with an adopted child with a history of early abuse and neglect (2018) 4. Where is the pain?: body, mind, and family culture (2005) Part Four : Working with Parents 1. Dialogues with parents (1998) 2. Work with parents (1999/2020) 3. Identity fragmentation and recovery in psychoanalytic psychotherapy (1989/2020).
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