Felicitas Rost on You and Yours. 12 Jul 2018, BBC Radio 4. [Starts at 2:57]

Rost, Felicitas (2018) Felicitas Rost on You and Yours. 12 Jul 2018, BBC Radio 4. [Starts at 2:57]. [Audio]

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A group of fourteen prominent mental health groups is warning that new draft guidance to the NHS on how depression should be treated, is misleading, unfit for purpose and could harm patients. The organisations, which include the Royal College of Psychiatrists and the charity, MIND, say that the guidance, issued by NICE - the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence - is based on fundamental flaws in how the effectiveness of treatments is measured. NICE says they will meet soon to review and discuss the comments and will respond in due course. A health economist explains how NHS money is rationed, with difficult decisions made about which treatments are offered to NHS patients.

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