Keeping envy in mind. The vicissitudes of envy in adolescent motherhood

Lemma, Alessandra (2008) Keeping envy in mind. The vicissitudes of envy in adolescent motherhood. In: Envy and gratitude revisited. IPA-Psychoanalytic Ideas and Applications Series . Karnac Books, London, pp. 92-108. ISBN 978-1-905888-0-78

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Book Review. These stimulating essays are evidence that 50 years after its publication Melanie Klein’s Envy and Gratitude is still a rich source of psychoanalytic inspiration. Sixteen highly regarded analysts, representing a wide range of psychoanalytic thinking, provide new insights and highlight current developments without avoiding the controversies that surround the original publication. The clinical and literary material is engaging and illustrates the effect of theory on practice and the influence of practice on the evolution of theory. I strongly recommend Envy and Gratitude Revisited, which, I believe, will make an important contribution in its own right to the advancement of psychoanalytic theory and practice

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