The narratives which connect... A qualitative research approach to the narratives which connect therapists' personal and private lives to their family therapy practices

Jensen, Per (2008) The narratives which connect... A qualitative research approach to the narratives which connect therapists' personal and private lives to their family therapy practices. DSysPsych thesis, Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust.

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Abstract/Book Review

The major aim of this research project is to look into some meaningful and important connections between Norwegian family therapists’ personal and private lives and how their clinical practice may be created and constructed. These questions are asked: How do we understand that so little research has been done on the links between the psychotherapist’s own personal and private life and her/his clinical practice? How does the therapist's own life history and personal and private experiences influence the way he/she understands and practises systemic family therapy? What are the influences of being a systemic family therapist on the therapist's own life and how she/he thinks about the way she/he lives it? I have used Grounded Theory as the framework for this research and have interviewed seven family therapists using semi-structured interviews. In addition, Thematic Analyses are used to analyse the videos of the first family therapy session of my first four research participants. , the research shows that both the practice of family therapy and the therapist’s personal life may be influenced. Family therapy education in Norway is challenged by these findings of how personal and private influences may affect clinical practice. I suggest that it is time to make personal and professional development programmes compulsory in Norwegian family therapy training. In summing up the project, I have developed a middle range theory named “The map of resonance” where I use the concept resonance to understand both the relationship between the therapist’s personal ideas and professional practice and between the therapist and the client I develop some ideas about pitfalls for therapist, and suggest how PPD-work and supervision can ensure professional development both in education and in general practice. The perspectives from a supervisors angle are also included. The project shows that personal and private experiences sometimes form a main framework for understanding sequences of family therapy practice. This realization should not be overlooked in the future and calls for further development.

Item Type: Thesis (DSysPsych)
Additional Information: Thesis submitted in partial fulfilment to the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust and the University of East London for the Professional Doctorate in Systemic Psychotherapy
Uncontrolled Keywords: Professional Doctorate in Systemic Psychotherapy, Therapist Experience
Subjects: Couple & Family Therapies > Systemic Family Therapy
Research, Tests, Assessments > Grounded Theory
Department/People: Children, Young Adult and Family Services
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